Suggested React folder structure

We regard each of our Apps as a single unit, even if it is using backend services hosted in our own servers, some Lambda micro services on AWS and other distributed assets. I have not abstracted folder names, they are vry clear what is what and where it runs. The env is shraed btween all our project and sits under /etc/react/..env files

app_name ---- |frontend-------|
              |               |              other deployment scripts
              |               |
              |               |_public
              |               |_src_
              |                     |_components_
              |                     |            |_pages  
              |                     |            |_[any app specific components]                                
              |                     |_services___
              |                     |            |_any code that connects 
              |                     |              to other assets. Pure JS.
              |                     |_util_____
              |                                |____Any helper JS specific for
              |                                     for this app.
              |         |_backend TalisMS services hosted on our servers. (PHP).
                        |_lambda function code, Node.js


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